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39,500 sq.ft. of requirements current in system

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Introducing our new Canadian Online listing system,! enables people to input the details for their property for sale once, and have that listing broadcast out to over 50+ websites for free! is a source site for people WITH listings which feeds many other sites aimed at people LOOKING FOR listings - easy!

Your Benefit

Simple * Quick * Efficient

The REALTYLEASE architecture has already logged well over 6 million sq.ft. of industrial/commercial and office space requirements from coast to coast across North America.

We are here to connect those who need business space, with those who provide it. It is a simple concept, but one that we feel is under serviced for such a high volume, high energy and high value field.

Why Is This Free?
We have agents willing to pay for special features of the system. This includes exclusive leads, unit matching and other special features. Simply put though, if you need space - post it free. If you have space, you can connect with the users free (for now!)

How it Works

Tenants / Need Space?

  1. Enter your contact details
  2. Answer specially designed questions to ensure your inquiry is properly clarified
  3. Get contacted by providers with suitable space

Landlords / Agents

Simply sign-up for free or log-in to see current usage requirements. If you have a suitable space, use the system to contact the prospective tenant. EASY!

Knowledge Base
Inquiry Snapshot

Some of the latest inquiry additions are listed below…

Commercial, Retail Store

Canada 1500 Sq.Ft in Thorold Ontario

Industrial, Warehousing

Canada 5000 Sq.Ft in Burnaby British Columbia

Commercial, Other (describe)

Canada 20000 Sq.Ft in Barrie Ontario

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